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Home Health Therapy

Find relief from aching muscles and limbs. You need to get back to 100 percent as soon as possible if you are recovering from illness, injury or surgery. Our physical therapy services will help you do that, right in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. 

Learn how to be independent again. Just because you are unable to move, feed or dress yourself does not mean that will always be so. We provide training to you and your caregiver to help you gain your sense of independence and confidence back, making your transition back to work or to your normal life smoother. 

Physical therapy includes: 

  • Therapeutic exercises to restore function affected by illness, injury, or surgery

  • Home Program to relieve symptoms such as pain, weakness, or immobility

  • Improve safety in ambulation or transfers

  • Teaching and training for both the patient and the caregiver to encourage independence

Occupational therapy includes: 

  • Restore function in extremities affected by illness, injury, or surgery

  • Restore independence in activities of daily living

  • Provide teaching and training to patient and caregiver

  • Energy conservation and breathing techniques to improve functional abilities

  • Home safety evaluation

Speech therapy includes: 

  • Restore function in voice, swallowing and/or communication affected by illness, injury, or surgery

  • Establish and teach alternative communication

  • Establish or re-establish safe oral intake of food/fluids

  • Intervention to assist in restoring cognitive function affected by illness, injury, or surgery

You can get high-quality therapy in your own home. Call 660-248-2100 or email info@hometownhomecare.org to learn how our in home therapy services will make
your life easier today.