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Pediatric Nursing Care

Get peace of mind about your newborn when you need them most. The first few days after you bring your newborn home are when most questions and concerns arise. Our pediatric services will assist with teaching you and monitoring your baby, doing growth weight checks, and drawing labs.

Learn how to breast-feed your baby. Choosing to breast-feed your newborn can be a wonderful bonding experience between you and your child. Let us assist you in the process so you and your child get the full benefits of the experience. 

Mom and baby care includes: 

  • Assess the physical and emotional status of both the mother and the newborn.

  • Offer assistance with breast-feeding/bottle-feeding questions and provide referrals.

  • Follow-up infant weight check.

  • Coordinate care with the obstetrician and/or pediatrician.

  • Offer information regarding community resources.

  • Answer questions and provide information about newborn care.

Pediatric care includes: 

  • Monitoring of newborn jaundice (Hyperbilirubinemia)

  • IV antibiotic therapy

  • Dressing changes

  • Education of parents or caregivers regarding care of baby

Get care for your newborn during the crucial first days after birth. Call 660-248-2100
or email info@hometownhomecare.org to learn how our pediatric services
and make life easier for you and your newborn.